Pharmacy Service
Sunway Medical Centre Velocity's Pharmacy provides medication dispensing service and care to our customers. Our service aims to ensure dispensing of safe and effective medication.  We adhere to stringent storage conditions and monitoring processes to ensure quality of our medications as well as provision of accurate and efficient service through our team of dedicated pharmacist and trained personnel.

Other comprehensive services provided by Pharmacy: 
•    Medication Counselling Service
Pharmacy provides comprehensive medication counselling on the use of your devices and medications. Patients who are using inhalers, insulin pens or who are on warfarin and anti-tuberculosis medications will benefit from this service. This service aims to ensure our customers are properly guided on appropriate administration method and management of their medication to ensure quality treatment. 

•    Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution Service
Pharmacy drug reconstitution service involves in the preparation of oncology medication with the objective of ensuring sterility of prepared medication for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Our products are prepared in a GMP accredited cleanroom by trained personnel.

Operation Hours:
24 hours

Medication Delivery

StayHome Kit

You’ve stocked up food, hand sanitiser and masks. But have you stocked up on your essential medications?

Introducing the STAY HOME KIT with up to 12 of medications for simple home emergencies. You can now treat minor ailments without having to make your way out to the pharmacy or clinics.

The Basic Kit @ RM49 comes with medications to treat:
* • Fever
* • Allergies including runny nose and rashes
* • Cough
* • Motion sickness
* • Nausea and vomiting
* • Stomach discomfort including gastric pain and diarrhoea
Includes medication and health advice booklet developed by our caring pharmacist

The Comprehensive Kit @ RM98 includes medication from our Basic Kit with additional medication for:
* • Phlegm or chesty colds
* • Sore throat or swollen gums
* • Complimentary bottle of Vitamin C + Lysine*

Contact us at +603 9772 8182/8214

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