About SMCV Dietetics & Nurtrition Services 

At SMCV, our dietitians provide personalised, practical advice and support to all in- and out-patients and the community in a professional environment. Our competent diet technicians assist in monitoring in-patients’ meals especially those on a therapeutic diet by ensuring appropriate nutritional therapy is carried out before diet intervention by dietitians is required.

Meet our Dietitians:

About Yi Pei
Yi-Pei received her credential in dietetics from University of Putra Malaysia (UPM). She is currently the head of department in Dietetics & Nutrition Services, Sunway Medical Centre Velocity. Besides her role in management, she is also a practicing dietitian who manages adults and pediatrics patients who need nutrition support, medical nutrition therapy and diet counseling with different health issues and diseases including weight management, cancer, kidney diseases and gastrointestinal related diseases. In her previous practice, she managed particularly liver cirrhosis patients and also pediatrics patients with diabetes or liver diseases. She also conducted research with her liver transplant patients and presented her poster in international conference. Yi-Pei also involves in community projects which include workshops, write up for articles or newspaper and public health talks.


About Sook Mun
Sook Mun received her credential in BSc. Degree in Dietetics from UPM.

Sook Mun has excelled in her academic with several achievement, she was awarded as the first runner up in her final year project on poster presentation during the 25th Malaysia Dietitians' Conference 2019. Being active in community health, she led 30+ batchmates in conducting a university tour health screening project which benefited more than 1000 students. She is a member of Malaysia Dietitians' Association. She is also currently appointed as the Project Team Member for a national project on Developing Criteria for Professions of Allied Health, a WHO and Allied Health Sciences Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia project, to ensure the public interest is addressed with the governance. Sook Mun started her journey as a clinical dietitian in the Sunway Medical Centre Velocity. As a clinical dietitian, she provides diet counseling and nutrition education. This includes intervention for patients with diabetes, renal diseases, weight problem, cancer, or patients who require nutritional support, which encompasses enteral and parenteral nutrition. Apart from working as a clinical dietitian, she is also actively involved in projects, including being a writer for nutrition related book in comic style.

Her interest includes medical nutrition therapy for patients with gastrointestinal issues.


We offer the following services:

1. One-to-One Diet Counseling
  • Personalised nutrition assessment
  • Individualised diet therapy and intervention
  • Monitoring and evaluation of goal settings
  • Follow-up on dietary progress and compliance
2. Nutrition and diet therapy in the ward
  • Nutritional risk screening
  • Individualised meal plan for the critically-ill, elderly and patients with special needs
  • Tube feeding and parenteral nutrition support
  • Nutrition and diet planning for home care
3. Community Service:
  • Healthy eating education at the workplace
  • School healthy eating education
  • Healthy canteen campaign
  • Diet and nutritional health talks (small and large group)
  • Staff health and nutrition screening programme
  • Nutrition workshop on the management of chronic diseases
4. Menu Planning and Consultation:
  • We provide professional menu analysis and planning for hotels, child care centre, nursing homes, school and workplace canteens, and restaurants.
  • We also conduct in-house training for chefs and cooks who cater for guests with special dietary needs.
5. Oral Nutritional Formulas:
We also carry a wide range of special medical nutrition formula drinks or products.

Contact info:

Operation Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 8.30am – 1.00pm
Level 2, Dietetics Department

For more information or appointment, please call:
Tel: +603-97729191 / +603-9772 8110

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